The Fundamentals of Digital Advertising Sales

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August 27, 2015 Enroll Now
Watch and listen to the original one-hour Webinar in its entirety. This Webinar recording features the full presentation led by Poynter faculty and visiting faculty including Q&A from the audience and resources from the presenter.

Course Overview

The Fundamentals of Digital Advertising Sales
Originally Broadcast On:
August 27, 2015
Time Estimate:
One hour for the main presentation and questions. Sometimes presenters stay longer to answer additional questions from participants.

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In this virtual classroom, participants can join in a seminar led by Poynter faculty and visiting faculty. This screencast includes live audio and a slideshow presentation in which participants can post questions and respond to poll questions posed by the host.

In today’s newsroom, a strong digital advertising strategy is necessary to support quality journalism.

Digital advertising is also an important part of the ecosystem that allows communities and businesses to grow together. Businesses provide income for news organizations, who provide not only news but also connections to businesses that serve the community. News organizations must be strategic about their powerful digital platform in order to work symbiotically with businesses and the community.

By the end of this webinar, you will have a deeper understanding of the value of digital advertising to the reader, advertiser, newsroom and communities you serve. You will also walk away with a formatted worksheet to connect the dots between audience growth and revenue.

What Will I Learn:
  • The role advertising plays as part of an overall content strategy.
  • How to develop strategies to grow audience in specific ways to support business objectives.
  • An understanding of various digital advertising options and pricing models, their pros and cons.
  • How customers measure success from digital advertising.
Who Should Take this Course:

Anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of how digital advertising can support content strategy, audience growth and revenue to fuel the newsroom.

Course Instructor:

Tina Dyakon

Tina Dyakon is Poynter’s ad director and leads the effort to bring relevant and meaningful advertising content to Poynter’s digital audience. Her previous work highlights an extensive digital sales and product development background.

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