SEO and Online Headlines Training Package

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SEO and Online Headlines Training Package
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Learn the SEO skills you need to write online headlines that draw readers to your site in this training package.

What will I learn?

Search engines have the potential to deliver huge traffic to your site. How do you tap into those tools while still writing engaging headlines for readers? Can you write for Google and for people?

In this training package, you'll learn the latest on search engines and how audiences use them. You'll get the tools you need to write engaging, effective online headlines. And you'll learn how to measure how effective your headlines are.

This package includes:

Writing Online Headlines: SEO and Beyond. This self-directed course features tools that let you preview how your headlines will appear in different platforms from Google to Facebook and Twitter and analyze your story to see if you're using the right keywords in your headline.

Writing Headlines for the Web: 2010 Edition. In this Webinar replay, Eric Ulken describes how search engines work, how results are ranked and how these tools can help you write effective headlines.