Using Analytics to Drive Your Mission (May 2018)

Course Overview

Using Analytics to Drive Your Mission (May 2018)
Online Group Seminar
Time Estimate:
The content of this course unfold over four weeks. There are few scheduled meeting times, except for two live sessions per week, so you'll be able to learn on a schedule that works for you. The minimum time commitment each week is five to seven hours.

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About Online Group Seminars

In an online group seminar, you will gather with other participants in a virtual space, logging in from anywhere, day or night, over the course of several weeks. A faculty member guides the group through new material, moderates discussions and provides individual feedback.

We will offer this online group seminar on the following dates in 2018:
May 7 to June 1, 2018
Applications are due by: April 28, 2018

Act based on data, not guesswork and preferences. Learn how to sort through an array of available analytics to reach numbers that matter to your particular website's mission and goals. Focus your strategies, create or refine key performance indicators and help drive your organization to success. We will discuss real-life examples.

We will have eight live sessions in this course: four text chats and four video classes. Text chats will be on Tuesdays (May 8, 15, 22, 29) from 5 to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Live video sessions will be on Thursdays (May 10, 17, 24, 31) from 5 to 6 p.m. Eastern time.

What Will I Learn:
  • What analytics are available from Google Analytics, Omniture and other resources
  • How to sort through the array of analytics to reach numbers that matter
  • How to use analytics to focus and guide your site's strategies, given your mission and goals
  • How to create a list of Key Performance Indicators and supporting reports and use them to create a strategy document
  • How to communicate it all to your organization
  • How SEO and social media fit into the audience growth equation
Who should take this course:

People involved in digital content strategies, digital marketing, revenue strategies or Web analytics. Think of this course as interdisciplinary. There's no need to be an analytics expert, though it's fine if you are. You should have access to Omniture SiteCatalyst or Google Analytics and access to an analytics person if your organization has one. Access to revenue analytics such as ad impressions and costs would be a plus. We'll count on you to learn more about your platform(s) by using the vendor's Help materials. That will allow this course to be more about HOW you can use analytics to drive your site's mission rather than becoming a course on how to pull reports.

Course Instructor:

John Schlander

John Schlander is managing editor at, recently named by Inc. Magazine as the 32nd fast-growing company in the nation. He started there in August 2016 after 32 years at the Tampa Bay Times, where he was digital general manager. He is also adjunct faculty at the Poynter Institute.

He is the instructor for two online seminars: Using Analytics to Drive Your Mission and Web Headlines and SEO Essentials.