Writing Online Headlines: SEO and Beyond

Course Overview

Writing Online Headlines: SEO and Beyond
Self-Directed Course
Time Estimate:
1 hour

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About Self-Directed Courses

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Traffic from search engines is too big to ignore: Google alone now gets an estimated 88 billion search queries a month, a large percentage of which return links to news sites. But the implications of SEO -- search engine optimization -- for headline writers can seem, well, depressing. How do you write great headlines that also work on the web?

This course walks you through the principles of SEO, outlines what works—and what doesn't—on the web, and gives you SEO tools you can use again and again to see how your headlines will read on the web. These tools include:

The Headline Helper analyzes your headline and story to see whether you're using the right keywords.
The Headline Dashboard shows you a preview of how your headlines will appear in different platforms from Google to Facebook and Twitter

What Will I Learn:
  • How to write SEO-friendly headlines
  • How search engines work
  • What to include—and leave out—of web headlines
  • How to choose the best keywords
  • Strategies for handling headlines when SEO and traditional newsroom guidelines collide
  • Tools for researching the effectiveness of your headlines
  • Common pitfalls that make your headlines less likely to be read -- or clicked

"Writing Online Headlines" is part of our SEO and Online Headlines training package, which includes this course and the Webinar replay of Writing Headlines for the Web. You can purchase each e-learning module individually or buy the SEO training package here.

Who should take this course:

Editors, copy editors, producers and other online publishers who want to learn more about SEO.

Course Instructor:

Eric Ulken

Eric manages the digital projects and storytelling team at PMN, the publisher of The Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com. He also serves as the newsroom's leader on content management tools, training and video strategy. He joined the company in 2014 as executive director of digital strategy before moving into the newly unified newsroom last year to oversee digital efforts. He previously led digital news and product development at The Seattle Times and held a number of digital roles at the Los Angeles Times, where he co-founded the paper's award-winning Data Desk.

Technical Requirements:

Flash Player 9 or higher