Programming (Content Management)

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Greg Newton
Ohio University School of Media Arts & Studies

MDIA 759, Programming. This graduate-level course is focused on the management of content. Traditionally termed “programming” in a broadcast and cable context, the study of content management covers a number of distinct activities—including the processes of evaluating, selecting, promoting, distributing, and marketing content (programs)—that occur throughout a wide range of media. The ability of managers to critically assess the opportunities and the risks in different media markets, content creation opportunities, and distribution options is important for the success of any media firm; and few firms operate in only one media space anymore.

I divide the course is divided into two major sections. In the first half of the quarter, students explore traditional theories and practices of content management for “radio” and “television” that still form the foundation for many media structures. The second half of the quarter features readings and discussion dealing with the disruptive forces (social, technological, economic, and legal) that have altered the media business environment and that necessitate new approaches to programming.