Multimedia Storytelling

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Ingrid Sturgis
Howard University

The Internet has become a game-changer for journalists and the profession of journalism. Its influence has profoundly changed the role of journalists and changed the job of newsgathering and dissemination. It has also changed the relationship between news organizations and their readership. But amid turmoil, opportunities always arise. This class will examine how to harness emerging trends that impact the craft of journalism. It is an introduction to basic elements of multimedia journalistic storytelling, including audio, video, slideshows, and online journalism formats as well as the use of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare and data visualization tools.

This is not a computer class or a design class. It's a journalism course to prepare you to integrate the many things you've already learned about journalism – researching, reporting, writing and editing – into a world in which everyone is a publisher.