News21: Money, Politics and Accountability in The West

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Jody Brannon
USC Annenberg

This course is an integral part of the News21 project, laying the foundation for the ultimate goal of the program: to develop innovative reporting projects by top students which will be broadcast (radio/television) or published in print and/or online, in collaboration with major news organizations and various New Media outlets.

USC Annenberg fellows will focus on the issue of the nexus of money and politics and how politicians can be held accountable for their relationship with special interests. Never before in the history of American politics has the direct and indirect influence of special interests and “Big Money “ been greater nor more boldly on display. Political campaigns cost more than ever and more and more politicians complain that way too much, if not most, of their time is taken up by constant fund‐raising. An ordinary American campaign political cycle involves literally billions of ollars of campaign contributions from powerful interest groups while, simultaneously, attempts at campaign finance reform appear to be waning.