Opinion writing exercises for journalism students

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Barbara Bullington
East Carolina University

In order to learn firsthand about intrepid journalists who have gone before them as well as sharpen their opinion writing skills, tudents are asked to write a 500-word opinion piece that addresses the following:

Many journalists have risked their lives to get a story. Others have served jail time for refusing to name a source when asked by a court of law because they felt it was more important to protect their source's confidentiality than to maintain their freedom. Others have even become part of the story by getting involved with helping those they started out reporting about. Many have gone to great lengths to make public the erroneous/one-sided reporting of other news organizations. In your opinion, who is an example of a "heroic" journalist and why? (Use the Internet and/or do other research to find examples of journalists and the risks they've taken to report stories in order to identify someone you feel has acted in a heroic manner.)

Activity includes further description and requirements.