Beginning News Reporting & Production

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Sue Robinson
University of Wisconsin-Madison

This class is all about smart reporting and writing on deadline. It is about honing your critical thinking abilities. You will be developing your skills in pattern recognition, in finding the behind-the-obvious story, and in going beyond the superficial report. Journalism legalities, ethics and multimedia/interactive considerations will thread the entire course. We will talk specifically about reporting news in the digital era, such as thinking about journalism as a process as opposed to a product. The class contains a mix of skill assignments, speakers, news coverage, event analysis and deadline as well as team reporting. Only one textbook is required: the Carole Rich Writing and Reporting for the News (2009, 6th edition) will provide a foundation for your journalistic practice. I also require regular reading of the local and national news as well as – of course – the Associated Press Stylebook. These will launch our discussions during the two-hour sessions we have each week. We will be reading and writing in class and out, including in the blog you began in J202. Other assignments will be given throughout the semester.