SFX Story - Tell a story using only sound effects & 1 word

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Posted By:
Richard Stroobant
SAIT Polytechnic

This is one of my students favorite assignments. They create a :90 - 2:00 minute story using only SFX and 1 word.

They are to produce an audio story. (Sleeping, alarm goes off, hit alarm off, stretch, shuffle feet to bathroom, toilet flush, brush teeth, make breakfast, drink coffee, drive to work, walk to office, pull on locked door, "AHHHH Saturday!")

This assignment teaches the value of foreground and background sound. It teaches how important sound effects are and gets them to think about using sound effects to paint the picture. Part of the assignment is to record 3 or more sound effects on their own.

They start off with envisioning a story they can tell using sound effects. Then they write down ALL the sound effects needed. They need to think about how many sound effects would be necessary to paint the picture properly (A street corner would have traffic, walking, talking chirping birds, honking, wet or dry road, wind, etc) and how loud some of the sound effects are, and if they fade in and out or are they constant. Are they panned from left to right?

Once they write all the sfx down, they get them from sound effects libraries, or make their own. Then they place them in the audio work station, and adjust the volumes. THIS is the time consuming part.

If you would like an audio example of this assignment please email me. richard.stroobant@sait.ca

If you do end up using this assignment, please let me know. I do not want anything for it, I would just like to hear how the assignment went for you.