Opinion Writing

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Matthew Killmeier
University of Southern Maine

This course aims to foster the skills and cultivate the thinking needed for writing persuasive, well-reasoned editorials, columns, journalistic essays and blogs. More specifically, it is structured: • To develop and reinforce concrete, direct writing, which is grammatically correct and comports with AP style; • To inculcate an informed understanding of logic, rhetoric and evidence-based persuasion, and apply and develop it through various written assignments; • To foster critical analysis and thinking toward your work and that of others in order to enhance the quality and accuracy of your writing; • To provide an understanding of the editorial process in contemporary media institutions; • To cultivate the capacities and wherewithal to participate in democratic deliberation and debate through print media; • And to provide a working familiarity with the various forms and styles of opinion writing and their relationship to particular media, with the goal of getting published.