High School Syllabus for a Public Relations class

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James Moffett
Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School

An introduction to the concept and profession of public relations. Identify the theories and processes employed by PR practitioners.

Identify, understand, and apply the basics of verbal communication, including vocal elements (ie pitch, speed, tone, volume), the importance of an organized message, and both the intentional and unintentional effects of non-verbal communication.

Speaking persuasively and delivering speeches. Learn how to write for speaking, and create speaking outlines. Deconstruct famous speeches and orators. Creating and delivering formal presentations.

Creating a successful press release. Understand the purpose of a press release, and when a press release is necessary. Determine how a press release attempts to inform the public, or shape the conversation.

Use modern design software to develop and maintain an e-newsletter. Use student created e-newsletter to demonstrate public relations skill sets.