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LocalFocus is a data-driven news agency that collects data from different sources and makes it insightful for journalists. We collect the data both manually and automatically on everything from election results to crime statistics to what people are spending on dog taxes in different cities. Journalists can use our data for their news stories. They can make selections within the data and get an immediate visual feedback so they can easily spot interesting trends or anomalies for their story. The maps and charts generated in our platform can then be used to enrich the article. The visuals are fully responsive and in their own branding. Our platform can also be used for journalists to explore, share and visualize their own data, making it easy for colleagues to work together on data-driven investigations and quickly generate visualizations for online, but also for print and even tv.

Playground is free, Localfocus Go is €79.00 per month


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Jelle Kamsma

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