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Each day, Poynter's News University will share a tip, a suggestion or idea to help your reporting, writing, editing, photography, design, and multimedia work better. We'll draw tips from our more than 150 training modules. Follow us on Twitter with our #nutip hashtag. Or subscribe to our RSS feed.

  • #123
    Journalists must remain free of associations and activities that may compromise their integrity or damage their own or their organization's credibility.
    Jul 09, 2010
  • #122
    Build templates for multimedia stories so that you can put your efforts into reporting, rather than having to build each story from scratch. Templates also will save time for the designers because they'll be able to produce your stories more efficiently.
    Jul 08, 2010
    Online, Multimedia
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    For legal reasons, your reporters should avoid using advanced equipment, such as high-powered telephoto lenses or highly sensitive microphones, to obtain information or photographs that you could not have gotten otherwise without permission.
    Jul 07, 2010
  • #120
    When dealing with a difficult conversation, always have an idea for compromise in your back pocket. Use it if necessary.
    Jul 06, 2010
    Leadership, Management
  • #119
    If you need to report overseas, get lots of background before you go: Talk to experts at your local university, leaders in the local immigrant community, see films and listen to music from there, and talk to other journalists who have covered the region.
    Jul 05, 2010
  • #118
    Asking for information under the Freedom of Information Act? Keep your request to what you really want, or you may give the agency an excuse to delay its response and run up costs for searching and copying documents.
    Jul 04, 2010
  • #117
    Got your plan for July Fourth parade coverage? Watch four videos done by four different news organizations and see their approaches.
    Jul 03, 2010
  • #116
    From initial conception to final execution, audio stories are all about selection.
    Jul 02, 2010
    Broadcast, Writing
  • #115
    Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are as important and real inside a high school as they are outside. However, school officials can legally censor a story in a student media outlet.
    Jul 01, 2010
    Journalism Basics
  • #114
    There are three business approaches for multimedia companies: create audience and figure out revenue streams later; create ad revenue, find enough circulation revenue to survive; or a combination of the two.
    Jun 29, 2010