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Each day, Poynter's News University will share a tip, a suggestion or idea to help your reporting, writing, editing, photography, design, and multimedia work better. We'll draw tips from our more than 150 training modules. Follow us on Twitter with our #nutip hashtag. Or subscribe to our RSS feed.

  • #150
    Try to harness citizen journalism. Your readers know things you don’t and are in places you can’t get to.
    Aug 07, 2010
    Online, Multimedia
  • #149
    Be extremely wary of ulterior motives, stonewallers and favors from sources.
    Aug 06, 2010
  • #148
    When you're in the midst of dozens of other photographers, try to not aim with the pack. Everyone shoots the touchdown, not many shoot the fan response.
    Aug 05, 2010
  • #147
    When covering climate-change policy, recognize that there is a difference of opinion among experts on major policy questions, which makes it a fruitful area for developing story ideas.
    Aug 04, 2010
  • #146
    Even if it’s just weekly reports, track every last bit of online traffic you can, break it down and share it so your editors can know what’s working online and what isn’t.
    Aug 03, 2010
    Online, Multimedia
  • #145
    Learn all the different media your newspaper use: online, video, audio, print. It will make you more marketable.
    Aug 02, 2010
  • #144
    Listening is about more than being quiet while the other person speaks. It's about hearing what is being said, and also what is not being said.
    Jul 30, 2010
    Leadership, Management
  • #143
    Sometimes use alternative story forms, such as Q&As, which can be easier for readers to scan than conventional narratives. They’re tightly written and edited. They often break down information by category, as opposed to the inverted pyramid story structure, which orders information from most important to least important.
    Jul 29, 2010
  • #142
    Proportion of type is important. Type can be set in contrast to the overall space around it to dramatic effect.
    Jul 28, 2010
  • #141
    Take reporters through the Web development process from early on, and educate them about how the Website will add to their story.
    Jul 27, 2010