Vicki Krueger

Vicki Krueger is director of interactive learning/News University at The Poynter Institute and author of Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More – a self-directed module that consistently is ranked as one of the most popular courses at NewsU. She has worked with The Poynter Institute for more than 20 years, including work on "Best Newspaper Writing," the annual collection of the ASNE Distinguished Writing Award winners and finalists, as well as other Poynter publications. She recently completed editing "Aim for the Heart," a book by Poynter's Al Tompkins for TV reporters and producers and developed an e-learning module at NewsU to accompany the book, Reporting, Writing for TV and the Web: Aim for the Heart. You can follow her on Twitter at vkrueger.

She has been a judge in several headline competitions conducted by the American Copy Editors Society and has taught at ACES and other press association conferences. Her other editing work includes the business memoirs of former Sunbeam and Scott Paper CEO Al Dunlap and Ken Kirchman, founder of a banking software firm based in the Orlando area, as well as "War Cake," a memoir of the siege of Sarajevo, and several books about spirituality with Dr. James P. Gills, a prominent eye surgeon who also is a driving force behind the Ironman Triathlon competition. She has bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism from Northwestern University and worked at newspapers in Kentucky, Indiana and Florida as a copy editor supervising story content and page design.