Celebrating 10 Years of E-learning at Poynter News University

In April, News University turns 10. When we opened the doors of our virtual campus on April 11, 2005, our goals were modest: to help journalists get better at what they do.

Since then, we've grown into the world's most innovative online journalism training program--with more than 300,000 registered users, 400 courses, 50 partners and training in seven languages.

From the beginning, we have counted on our users to help shape the direction of our training. In 2008 and in 2011, we launched our “Stories” campaigns to find out whether our e-learning modules made a difference. We received hundreds of stories and comments. And we gave away cool prizes. More important, those stories showed the impact of e-learning.

Now, as we start the countdown to our birthday bash, we're counting on our users once again. Please tell us your story about how NewsU has transformed you. Once again, we're away something cool: a GoPro camera, an iPad Mini, gift cards to your favorite retailer and more.

By telling your story, you're helping us demonstrate the scope and impact of NewsU's offerings.

But just as important, you're helping your co-workers, colleagues, students and future NewsU users understand the importance of lifelong learning.