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Digital tools can make your journalism and your business far more powerful. So we've created this catalog to guide you to the tools that can help you the most. Whether you're reporting and publishing news, engaging with your community, or looking for ways to make your business practices more profitable, we can help.

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The Digital Tools Project is a partnership of the American Press Institute and Poynter, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

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  • Onodo - Network mapping and visualization (Free)

    Onodo [] is an open source network visualization and analysis tool for non-tech users. Onodo aims to facilitate the creation of network visualizations in very few steps. It is as simple as filling in a table and watch as the relationships appear immediately on the screen. Users can edit the information on the editing interface and see the results in real time. Or import a file and in just two clicks the network will be ready. Users can also customize their networks -adding colors, text, links or images to the protagonists of their interactive graphics, and embed them into any website just copy-pasting an html code . Additionally, for those interested in graph theory, Onodo allows users to perform network analysis and to therefore get insights from the data at hand. You can try a guided tour of Onodo [] and start creating your own visualizations of networks. Website: Twitter:
  • LocalFocus (Playground is free, Localfocus Go is €79.00 per month)

    Get new insights from datasets and to share them with colleagues and your audience. Publish graphs and maps on your website and use them for print.
  • Wedgies (Free with the option to upgrade)

    Create customizable, shareable surveys.
  • (Free Trial. Different paid plans based on need) is one of the world’s largest transcription and call recording service providers, working with thousands of journalist and researchers across North America. NoNotes allows journalists to record important interviews and have these calls transcribed at the push of a button. Visit or download the iphone app (
  • Silk (Free)

    A free all-purpose tool for data journalism
  • BuzzSumo (Tiered)

    Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.
  • Beatroot ()

    Holistic analytics for journalists.
  • Infomous (Free for individual use and trials)

    Infomous is a platform for Visual Exploration that changes the way online content is published and consumed.
  • Reddit Live (Free)

    Contributes contribute to reddit threads with automatically refreshed updates.
  • Submittable (Starts at $319 annually)

    Accept, review, and manage submissions from users, contributors and more. Trusted by over 7000 organizations.