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Digital tools can make your journalism and your business far more powerful. So we've created this catalog to guide you to the tools that can help you the most. Whether you're reporting and publishing news, engaging with your community, or looking for ways to make your business practices more profitable, we can help.

If you're already using these tools, please add your comments about how you're using them. (Make sure you log in first.) Your feedback can help other newsrooms in their digital transformation.

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The Digital Tools Project is a partnership of the American Press Institute and Poynter, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

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  • Meograph (Free)

    Meograph helps easily create, watch, and share interactive stories.
  • Popcorn Maker (Free)

    From the Mozilla Foundation, allows users to add interactivity to videos -- popup text, maps, weblinks, photos, live feeds.
  • RebelMouse (Tiered)

    RebelMouse is a social publishing platform, that empowers users to build a dynamic site or presence around what is being posted and shared across social media.
  • Census.Ire.Org (Free)

    Census.Ire.Org provides journalists with a simpler way to access 2010 Census data so they can spend less time importing and managing the data and more time exploring and reporting the data.
  • SnagFilms (Free) offers a broad collection of independent movies you can watch for free on demand and share with others.
  • Public Insight Network (free)

    American Public Media's online network of sources who have real experience with the topic of a story.
  • The PANDA Project (Free)

    The PANDA Project allows journalists to upload data to make it safe, easily searchable and available to other journalists in the organization.
  • Overview (Free)

    Overview scans large document sets and displays relationships among topics, people, places and dates, drawing connections that journalists wouldn't otherwise be able to see.
  • NewsCred (Starting at $2,950/month)

    Tool/Service to syndicate stories from blogs and journalism outlets
  • Zeega (free)

    "The platform combines Tumblr or Storify-style narrative construction with multimedia capabilities to create something close to interactive movies, which can then be shared via built-in social media functions," according to Neil Ungerleider of Fast Company.