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Digital tools can make your journalism and your business far more powerful. So we've created this catalog to guide you to the tools that can help you the most. Whether you're reporting and publishing news, engaging with your community, or looking for ways to make your business practices more profitable, we can help.

If you're already using these tools, please add your comments about how you're using them. (Make sure you log in first.) Your feedback can help other newsrooms in their digital transformation.

Have a tool you'd like to share? Simply log in and fill out our submission form. It takes just a couple of minutes, and we'll guide you through the details to share a description of the tool, contact information, screengrabs and more. (A quick note: While we review each upload for appropriate content, we don't edit or warrant the material.)

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The Digital Tools Project is a partnership of the American Press Institute and Poynter, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

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  • Spundge (Tiered)

    Spundge makes it easy to track the best information, distill knowledge, form compelling ideas, and create influential content.
  • freeDive (Free)

    Create user-searchable databases in minutes.
  • Bambuser (Tiered)

    Share live moments from your mobile phone or webcam and steam live to your blog, site and favourite social networks.
  • Amara (Tiered)

    Amara is a powerful and flexible subtitling platform that makes it easy to caption and translate any video.
  • Scoopinion (Free)

    Know your audience. Find out who your readers are reading, besides you.
  • FrontlineSMS (Free)

    By leveraging basic tools already available to most NGOs — computers and mobile phones — FrontlineSMS enables instantaneous two-way communication on a large scale.
  • TimelineJS (Free)

    Creates timelines about any story you can link to or embed. Great for developing graphic skills.
  • Repost (Free)

    Repost is a content distribution and discovery platform that makes it easy to republish content anywhere on the web. Reposting content works just like embedding a video.
  • Newsbound (Varies)

    Newsbound makes complex topics understandable by producing it in a unique stack format.
  • Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench (Free)

    A complete Linux workstation, plus tools for collecting, managing, analyzing and presenting data: * Numerical * Financial and economic * Geospatial / mapping * Natural language, text data * Social networks and graphs * Web scraping and PDF data extraction tools * Digital media creation and editing tools