Digital Course Packs

Poynter NewsU Digital Course Packs for classes of 10 or more gather self-directed training modules and their assessments into a convenient package to supplement your syllabus.

They combine Poynter NewsU's online training courses with two critical features for educators: tracking and testing. You can gauge your students' learning via multiple-choice assessments and track each student's participation with our Instructor Dashboard™.

The Features

With each e-learning module you choose, we create assessment questions for your students and provide you with a way to access the results. With our Instructor Dashboard™, you can track such information as time spent and number of log-ons per student.

Each of our 30-minute, timed assessments has a set of questions that are rotated randomly each time the assessment is used, so each student, on every attempt, sees a different combination of questions in a different order. We track students' scores, which you can see at any time — and you decide how you want to use the results in your grading system.

As the instructor, you may choose to restrict the number of assessment attempts for students. You can also determine whether to base students' grades on achieving a minimum score that you set — or on the highest score the student received in all attempts. We recommend allowing three attempts and setting 80 percent as a minimum passing grade.

We will make the Digital Course Packs available to your students for any length of time that you require.

The average cost per Digital Course Pack is $24.95, although the price can vary depending on the number and type of modules you select. Each student is responsible for purchasing access to the Digital Course Pack, much like buying a supplemental textbook or workbook. During this introductory period, there is no cost to the instructor.

Building a Digital Course Pack

We offer you three options:

  • Model your Digital Course Pack on an existing model. Click here for a complete list of our Digital Course Packs.

  • Choose from one of our Sample Digital Course Packs, which include e-learning modules designed to cover introductory journalism topics

  • Create a custom Digital Course Pack by selecting modules from our e-learning curriculum at We recommend using about five modules in a Digital Course Pack.

If you would like to see a Digital Course Pack in action, simply send us an email and request enrollment in our Digital Course Pack Preview module.

Ready to Build Your Course Pack?

If you are ready to get started building a Digital Course Pack for your classroom, please proceed to the next page where a short questionnaire will help us to better assess your Digital Course Pack needs. After you have submitted your responses, a representative from NewsU will be in touch to give you a personal consultation regarding your Course Pack and pricing options.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at

Need Something a Bit Different?

Consider a Poynter NewsU Certificate. As with Digital Course Packs the certificate program is designed to measure the successful completion and understanding of a segment of NewsU training. However, students who successfully complete the required assessments in a Certificate Program receive a Poynter Certificate of Proficiency. You get a trusted partner to help you evaluate what your students learn. Your students get a resume builder that helps them stand out in the marketplace.