Primer Packages

Three courses that focus on the essential skills every student needs

Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use
The basic grammar rules, proper punctuation and other areas in which students most often need extra practice.

Numeracy Primer: How to Write About Numbers
Help your students confront numbers head-on and write about them accurately, ethically and elegantly.

News Literacy Primer: How to Evaluate Information
The knowledge and tools to sift through content of all types and sort fact from opinion, news from nonsense.

Each package includes:

  • Teaching text, interactive exercises and drills so students can practice until they become proficient
  • Assessments to test students’ comprehension of the material
  • Instructor Dashboard™ for you to track each student’s progress

Use our primers to free up class time for what you do best — coaching aspiring journalists and communications professionals!

Individual registration for each Primer costs $19.95. Special pricing if you order a package for your class or department:

  • One primer: $14.95 per student
  • Two primers: $24.95 per student
  • Three primers: $34.95 per student

Each comes with access to your students’ scores through an Instructor Dashboard™.

Email for more information.