Poynter NewsU Certificate Program

In a competitive job market, certificates from Poynter's NewsU let your students demonstrate their proficiency in essential journalism skills and best practices. With certificates from Poynter's NewsU, you get a trusted partner to help you evaluate what your students learn. Your students get a resume builder that helps them stand out in the marketplace.

Measure the Learning

Each certificate is based on curriculum of NewsU e-learning modules on topics from reporting and writing basics, to social media and entrepreneurial journalism. To earn a certificate, students must pass the assessment for each module. The assessments are rigorous and are designed to test comprehension.

You conduct the teaching and coaching. Poynter's NewsU provides the readings, activities and assessments. Each certificate program includes resources to help you seamlessly integrate NewsU courses into your teaching and create the best learning environments for your students.

The Features

  • Five to seven e-learning modules from Poynter's NewsU
  • Assessments to test students' comprehension of the material
  • An Instructor Dashboard™ to track your students' progress
  • Poynter certificates of proficiency co-branded with your school

Our Certificates

If you're using online training with your students – or if you're wondering how to get started – Poynter NewsU certificates can help. Our certificates include:

Create a custom certificate. Choose courses from NewsU's extensive curriculum of more than 400 self-directed courses, Webinars and tutorials to create a certificate that’s targeted to your students' needs. You also have the opportunity to co-brand the certificate with your university and The Poynter Institute.

See our complete list of certificates. Questions? Read our Certificate FAQ here.

Ready to get started? Contact us at info@newsu.org.

Need Something a Bit Different?

Consider a Digital Course Pack. Take advantage of our online courses as an e-learning companion to your syllabus. Students are responsible for purchasing access to the Digital Course Pack, as they would buy a supplemental textbook or workbook. As the instructor, you get free access to the Instructor Dashboard™, which tracks the students' test scores and time spent in the courses.