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  • Essential AP style assignment

    This is designed to go with the "Essential AP Style" handout uploaded separately.

    After I give students the handout, I assign them this take-home assignment. It's a four-page quiz on the essentials in the handout. It's more than a 100-point quiz with multiple errors in each sentence. Generally they don't do well.

    After I've graded the assignment (only circling error, not giving the right answer), I required them to fix the error and give the underlying rule from the handout.

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  • Essential AP style

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    Here's a seven-page summary of AP Style that has served me well over the years.

    Uploaded as a separate document resource is (Essential AP Style Quiz," s a five-page quiz on that summary I give on the first day of classes as a take-how assignment. Despite having the answers in front of them, most students don't do very well.

    So I require them to go back and give me the right answer and the underlying reason behind the correct answer. And for each one they do, I give them a half point back.

    You can use this in either a basic reporting or basic editing class.

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